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Today's links: Oil! Intel! Mickelson! Hunger games! Banshees!


AP OPEC-PRECARIOUS BALANCE F A FILE BHRUnrest in Iraq, currently the second-largest OPEC oil producer, means that oil prices have started to climb. Current price per barrel: $105.97 for West Texas Intermediate crude, up 1.5% overnight. So far, the average price of a gallon of unleaded is $3.638, down from $3.639 on Wednesday, says Gasbuddy,com. Absent wage increases, rising gas prices tend to dampen the economy: You have to pay for gas, but you can defer buying a new lawn mower or taking a vacation.

A conundrum in the labor force: Prime working-age men, those 40 to 44, have been dropping out of the workforce since 1976 in a fairly predictable straight line, says Calculated Risk. One possible reason: The growing number of stay-at-home dads.

Intel lost an appeal of a European Union $1.44 billion fine for unfair practices aimed at rival Advanced Micro Devices. Intel has about $11.6 billion in cash, but the record fine will sting.

Phil Mickelson’s role in the insider trading inquiry may be overstated, says Deal Book.

Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital will pay a $121 million fine to settle a lawsuit accusing them of colluding to drive down the prices of takeover targets, says Deal Book. Both firms, of course, neither admit nor deny guilt.

You: Yeah, you. Your 401(k) investments are stinking up the place. Step aside. We’re putting you in a target date fund where you can’t embarrass yourself any more.

The state of Georgia can declare bank accounts as unclaimed property in as little as one year, says Zero Hedge. It suggests physical gold instead, which no one, ever, has stolen or confiscated. Nevertheless, if you have a bank account you haven’t used in a long time, it makes good sense to visit it every so often.


AP FILM HUNGER GAMES A ENT, FILEThree things you can tell about the most highlighted passages on Kindle: People really love The Hunger Games. And the Bible.

Hear something screaming like a banshee, the Gaelic omen of violent death? It’s probably just a barn owl, says Wired. Probably.

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